РЭУ: An integral part of life

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The modern high technologies were quickly included into our life and became his integral part. Already very few people will provide the life without computer, the smartphone and furthermore the Internet on which we communicate, we work, we have a good time. And we don’t see in it anything bad, and the majority doesn’t even think how all these high technologies change our life? How they influence our brain? And now could we live without them?

If to return to the past on 10 years ago, the Internet and smartphones were a wonder, however, the above questions were also present. But not have these issues whether or not to prohibit online games? Now, many parents and teachers opposed to that children played in them, as they believe that they are a bad influence on the psyche of children. Yes, it’s possible to agree with it, it’s possible to find a set of rollers in which the children who are torn off from a game behave inadequately in the same network, sometimes there were suicides, and criminal offenses. But there is also other side which develops vigilance, communication, ability to work in collective. Game online, as well as casino, it’s possible to forbid them, but then underground game clubs will appear.

The modern phones, also support, connection to the Internet that not only 24 hours a day allow to stay in touch, but also to know everything and about everything. At the same time it’s enough to be in WI-FI point, or to use the Internet packets of the operator.Also our phones became us personal secretaries who will wake in due time, will remind of day the births of friends, an important meeting, even operation with documents can be made on the modern smartphone in not office.It means that we don’t degrade. Any for the first time the heard word, we can view in the encyclopedia near at hand, and it will take less than a minute. Besides thanks to the modern technologies without disturbances and experiences we can release the children to walk as his mobile shows his location.And, getting to unknown terrain with ease it’s possible to find the necessary road, at the same time it isn’t necessary to be the astrologer or the pathfinder, it’s rather simple to have near at hand phone, and before a campaign to load on it the district map.

The cinema exists for a long time. But also his modern technologies should touched. The modern 3D technology brings the mass of impressions of viewing of the movie, leaving the mass of unforgettable impressions without harm to health. The same pleasures can be received not only at movie theater but, and at home, as the modern TV sets are equipped with the 3D function.

The modern technologies quickly rushed into our life and sharply changed it, what they us develop, I think, you won’t argue with it. As say that you gets used to good quickly, and we don’t represent the life any more, without having begun morning with check of mail, voice messages. And for whom, the Internet is all his life, only there he has friends, and only there he can share the thoughts.Therefore it’s possible to draw a conclusion that the mankind won’t be able to refuse technological progress owing to dynamic growth and to aspiration to continuous, comfortable and safe life.