РЭУ: Computer techologies

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To date, modern life, health care, manufacturing and other areas cannot do without usage of information technologies, because each area requires processing large amounts of information and information services. The most efficient and versatile means for processing the information is the computer, which is used as an amplifier of human intellectual abilities.
Through information technology the opportunity to manage large flows of information with the use of computer technology. Information technology can process information, store and transmit it over long distances in a short time.
Rapidly growing potential of information technologies are also rapidly reduces costs in production, while it facilitates and improves the standard of living, discovering the latest opportunities for people.
Since information technology is able to provide the lowest cost in the processing, transmission and storage of information, production becomes more profitable. In addition, the continuously advancing information technology regularly offers the latest products, for example, software or support processes, the production of which involved third world countries. This ensures not only employment of the population, but also reduces the cost of ancillary products.
Everyone can name some advantages of information technology. In addition, it is difficult to name even one area where not implemented such technologies. It is worth noting the important production processes, providing the support person, of any facilities or leisure, everything works by means of information technologies.​