РЭУ: Computers in our lives

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Computers for a long time and firmly entered our life. They cardinally changed the world and possibilities of people. But all we know that the computer renders both positive impact on the person, and negative.

The computer much facilitated our life. Sometimes we do not imagine our life without computer and the Internet any more. The Internet has unlimited opportunities. Physicians use computers for diagnostics of an organism. For fashion designers, designers and architects the computer opened the huge horizons. On production computers operate other vehicles. Today person just passive observer.

If to speak about everyday life of the person, then and there the computer gradually got. For example, numerous online stores. Today even a purchase can be made being in own apartment. Today everywhere, where we would not be, love speak about the Internet much. This technology influences our life also strongly as television or phone. And, probably, any more there is no such area of life which this equipment would not concern.

Let’s consider positive influence of the computer on the person. For example, the Internet presented to people an opportunity to get the latest news, gossips, information on idols. To play very interesting and fascinating on-lain of a game.

Videos of a conference became very popular. With their help people can not only hear each other, but also to see. Thereby they can resolve important issues, without changing the workplace and saving both the means, and time.

It is possible to find work which will be highly paid and bring pleasure in the Internet. It is possible to transfer quickly documents to the partner, to receive mailing, to quickly learn the latest news, for example, from the exchange, and it in business is very much appreciated.

The Internet simplifies purchases. In electronic form they cost cheaper. At the order of items and services it is possible to look in details at the description, a photo, to check feedbacks for this item. To sell the car, to buy a pet, to find entertainment for the weekend, to select a tour a trip.

To communicate in the on-lain mode on social networks «VKontakte», «Schoolmates». So the former schoolmates, old acquaintances and childhood friends who did not see each other many years can communicate, look through photos again and give each other gifts. There are dating sites where lonely hearts can find each other and live long and happy life if to them carries.

You should not forget also and about disabled people, sick people, people who have no possibility of real contact with other people. The Internet allows to communicate with real compatriots and other people, living in other countries. What gives the chance to study culture, customs, history of other states. The Internet gives huge opportunities for education, it is possible to find such sources of information what are not present in one library in it. The network allows to find the answer to the arisen question quickly.Each device which makes or consumes the electric power creates electromagnetic radiation.

Electromagnetic radiation can’t be seen, heard, smelled, tasted or to touch, but nevertheless it is present everywhere. Though the adverse effect of usual levels of electromagnetic radiation on health of children and adults isn’t proved by anybody yet, many are concerned by this problem.

People who earn a living by means of the computer often complain of problems with joints and muscles. Most often they are expressed as waist and shoulders pain, a pricking in legs, a neck sleep. However also more serious illnesses aren’t rare. So, because of long work on the computer there can be a hand tunnel syndrome — that is injury of a nerve of a hand. At hard cases of the person severe pains which deprive of him working capacity can torment.
Harm of the computer for children is especially big because children often don’t know when to stop and sit before him for hours, without coming off and as muscles of eyes at them haven’t got stronger yet, there is a serious threat for sight, the possibility that to majority the child will be forced to wear glasses much raises. Besides the computer promotes very strong overfatigue, after the spent time at the computer children can complain of a headache.​