РЭУ: information revolution

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The rapidly growing «information revolution», associated in particular with the introduction of digital information and communication technologies affects all types of activities and spheres of life. It is impossible not to agree with the experts that modern information technologies have changed the methods of scientific and business activities, led to changes in the style and methods of public administration. If a few years ago, computer skills, ability to work in the Internet was evaluated as a useful, but optional knowledge and skills, at the present time, professionals who do not speak these technologies are seen as under qualified. So, in the Concept of state information policy of the Russian Federation it is noted that the implementation of this policy requires the development and improvement of the system of universal education and vocational training, ensuring a full life and effective human activities in the information society of the XXI century; that Informatization of education is not just the use of software and hardware – it should lead to a radical change in the organization and the nature of learning and human development, the formation of a creative personality. The use of computer technology leads to a significant restructuring of science and education, opening new prospects for them. Still important role of the secondary school, where the Foundation is laid of information competence of future students, as well as the high mission of higher education, where should be the further development of information competence. The main reason behind the need for changes in the computer training of students is that the University future specialists are prepared for life and work in the new conditions that are increasingly becoming a reality. Therefore, the role and place of information technologies on modern learning activity cannot be reduced only to the development of technical means and methods of processing data computing. Computer technology can be used by the teacher for organization of educational process; preparation of teaching materials; study together with the trainees of the new material (can be divided into two areas – the use of multimedia teaching AIDS created by the teacher and software); computer control of knowledge of trainees; receive and work with information from the Internet; create and operate the website of the educational institution, etc. first, we consider the pros and cons of training sessions which the teacher selects and arranges the material. The most superficial use of computer technologies – illustrating educational material. Step-by-step pre-prepared material provides the ability to set the pace of the lesson and at the same time allows you to return to any intermediate build. Is in the use of computer technology and cons. The most significant – givenness of classes, the need to follow pre-determined scenario. The second disadvantage of the use of computer technologies is typical for all new technologies at the beginning of their application is a relatively long process of preparation for classes. In addition to creating your own multimedia product with teacher can be used ready computer solutions. However, there are a number of methodological problems when conducting training sessions using ready computer programs: first, the perception of the trainees finished the course is often different from the objectives of the presentation the trainees perceive the plot on the screen as a movie. Therefore, to build the supply of new material only in the viewing of slides, usually impractical, because the concentration appears to be quite time consuming. Consequently, the use of prepared multimedia products requires from the teacher much time to prepare lessons. The most widespread use of computer technologies in education today received process use the resources of the Internet. Here is a great opportunity for creativity of the teacher and, above all, for the organization under his leadership, the creativity of students. It is at this stage trainees must master the virtually limitless capabilities of the Internet. Writing of reports and abstracts for trainees are not converted into ordinary runaround, and in the extremely exciting creative process. Along with this, one of the components of the modern organization of the educational process is the creation of web sites, educational subjects. To support the educational process in early 2011 we developed a dedicated resource «Training presentations» (www.present.griban.ru). The website features multimedia presentations on the basic academic subjects (biology, geography, history, mathematics, literature, etc.). All presentations can be downloaded for free from the website and used in training activities. In addition, the site publishes articles on the development and protection of educational presentations. Once a year there is a contest for best presentation among the teachers and pupils. On the website «Training presentations» the system works on-site search, and integration with major social networks («Classmates», «My World», «Facebook», etc.), allowing users registered with these services, leave bookmarks, notes, records found on the website articles and presentations in their social profiles. In addition to specialized practical material on the website contains articles on the theory of creation, use, and presentations, allowing you to deepen and expand professional knowledge in the field of disimpaction multimedia presentations. New is the mechanism for distribution of multimedia presentations on the website – it is based on custom queries. To exclude the possibility of «unwanted» content on the site, implemented the following mechanism: the user performs a search query on a website which is logged automatically by the content management system for further processing. After that, the administrator of the resource seen the statistics for these queries, namely: queries (formulated by the user), their number and frequency. For the most popular requests being available, and in their absence, the creation of new presentations for posting on the website. Another option for quick and efficient placement of presentations on the website is the feedback form. A user interested in the development of the resource comes into the category of «Offer presentation» indicates the title of the presentation, your contact information, and also attaches the file for future posting on the website. With regard to attendance «Training presentations», according to statistics Yandex Metric, since the beginning of September to end of November 2011 the site was visited by 300,000 people have viewed more than 800,000 pages. In this regard, it is possible to speak about increase of interest in the resources of the educational purpose on the part of users, as well as the importance of application in educational and professional activities of teachers of computer technology.