РЭУ: Information technology processes

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Information technology (it) processes, search methods, data collection, storage, processing, provision, dissemination of information and means of implementation of such processes and methods ; techniques and methods of application of computer technology in the performance of functions of collection, storage, processing, transfer and use of data ; the resources required for the collection, processing, storage and dissemination of information .

The information technology industry engaged in the creation, development and operation of information systems. Information technologies are designed based and cost effective use of modern achievements in the field of computer technology and other high technologies, new means of communication, software, and practical experience to solve problems in an effective organization of the information process to reduce time, labour, energy and material resources in all spheres of human life and modern society. Information technology interact and often are part of service industry management, industrial, and social processes.

The progress of modern medicine and health largely determine information technology(it). Modern computer science offers the following single, substantially uniform facilities:

  • global and local network;
  • personal computers with multimedia environments;
  • database, graphics and other development tools automated medical jobs;
  • computerized equipment for diagnostics and treatment;
  • microprocessor-based modules for medical equipment.

The whole process of Informatization aims to create a single medical information space that allows doctors to communicate with each other, to go to the archives and libraries of medical knowledge and technologies, and interact with functioning equipment directly from the work place and in real time, to reduce the time of examination and treatment of patients.

Advantages for patients :

The productivity of the treatment; the doctor has more time to work with patients by reducing paperwork; the Efficiency of obtaining diagnostic data increases the speed of the appointment and effectiveness of appropriate treatment; accumulation of patient data for any number of years with his previous medical records; reducing the risk of loss of patient information;

Minimizing the time spent: the Lack of queues at procedural and diagnostic rooms; Quick turnaround of survey results and case record in printed or electronic form.

Advantages for physician:

The treatment efficiency; the Ability to view previous patient records; the Possibility of obtaining information from a pharmaceutical company’s warehouse on the availability of drugs; Availability of any information from the medical history in real time.

Minimizing the time spent:

Reduced redundancy costs of manual labor on the rewriting of the same data; to Facilitate searching of reference data and reference books; Use template when filling out medical history; Automated receipt of the case record.