РЭУ: New perspectives of science and education

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The use of computer technology leads to a significant restructuring of science and education, opening new prospects for them. Still important role of the secondary school, where the Foundation is laid of information competence of future students, as well as the high mission of higher education, where should be the further development of information competence. The main reason behind the need for changes in the computer training of students is that the University future specialists are prepared for life and work in the new conditions that are increasingly becoming a reality. Therefore, the role and place of information technologies on modern learning activity cannot be reduced only to the development of technical means and methods of processing data computing. Computer technology can be used by the teacher for organization of educational process; preparation of teaching materials; study together with the trainees of the new material (can be divided into two areas – the use of multimedia teaching AIDS created by the teacher and software); computer control of knowledge of trainees; receive and work with information from the Internet; create and operate the website of the educational institution, etc. first, we consider the pros and cons of training sessions which the teacher selects and arranges the material. The most superficial use of computer technologies – illustrating educational material. Step-by-step pre-prepared material provides the ability to set the pace of the lesson and at the same time allows you to return to any intermediate build. Is in the use of computer technology and cons. The most significant – givenness of classes, the need to follow pre-determined scenario.