РЭУ: Technological break

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We — the first generation in the history of mankind in which life there was a huge technological break. It seems to me, sometimes it is useful for all of us to remember the past fully to estimate that we have in the present.

For example, how many it was required to put efforts earlier to phone to relatives, and friends who lived in other cities and settlements. It was necessary to go to mail, to order negotiations, to wait for connection, and then in a cabin to shout in a tube (against shouts of same «subscribers») and at the most inappropriate moment to hear the telephonist with the message that «your time comes to an end». As if it is absurd didn’t look now, earlier it was the ordinary situation. Today we with ease call from the mobile phone on the mobile phone and we are indignant when long don’t pick up the phone.

In any case phone: everything who has Skype or Vayber can quietly tell and see each other in every spot on the globe where there is an Internet, having pressed two buttons. It is possible to arrive to parents to the village, to connect the modem to the unpretentious netbook 3G, to adjust Skype and to call up though every day. Someone plays on Skype various games who — that holds meetings, videoconferences. We pass examinations. And that for passing an examination it isn’t necessary to go to Moscow pleases, and simply staying at home to communicate with the teacher. Everything is very simple and convenient. And if someone from the future told us then in the 80th years that cellular, Internet and video conference will be the ordinary phenomenon, we would hardly believe …

Remember how many generations of audio of carriers appeared and came to naught. Plates, coils with a film, then compact cartridges, then compact disks, then mini-disks and, at last, a MP3 — a universal digital format on any stores. It was necessary to find music earlier, to find equipment to copy from one carrier on another, and only then, at last, to listen, record. And today, sitting in cafe, we hear an interesting melody, we lift phone from the included Shazam, we define the performer and right there we download to ourselves.

The same and about cinema. At the beginning of videorecorders when the first models started appearing only just at the most advanced inhabitants of the union, many visited to each other to watch film. Today we can start watching the movie of the house, then to download to phone or the tablet and to continue «film session» in the machine or the subway. And even if we don’t visit, we can discuss the last film with friends on social networks.

And how work became simpler? Try to write a leaf of the text, without having made any typographical error or mistakes. Difficult? Then remember how worked at typewriters earlier. Electric typewriters succeeded usual, but even then it was impossible to assume that «machine» will become flat, easy and it it will be possible to carry with itself. And today by means of the computer and cloudy services we can develop whole «working office» in any place — in cafe, at home, to the airport, etc.

In the modern world as we see, it is almost impossible to do without new technologies. They considerably simplify our life.