РЭУ: The impact of computer technology on a single person and society

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Nowadays, the impact of computer technology on a single person and society as a whole is constantly increasing. Computer technology greatly simplify our lives such as: it became available distance learning, now we do not write e-mail letters, at any time, we can take the necessary information from the Internet.

As many factories started to use no human labor, and computer technology. It’s probably a lot better than what we have plants that are harmful to human health, but if these factories, deliver specialized computer technology, then people will not expose your health at risk. There are the same and cons of reducing the number of jobs.

Also, some schools used textbooks instead of tablets or laptops, and all the books in electronic form, the child carries lower weights as all the books are in great access I also see it as one of the pluses.

In a large red and see what the development of computer technology, people are increasingly began to sit at the computer, tablets, phones, but less likely to walk and began to see each other.

Thus I would like to answer that with the advent of computer technology life has changed there was both good and bad, but I see more good even for example the fact that we are now studying in a good university at the same time have time and work and is at home, it’s all thanks computer technology.