РЭУ: The progress of information technology

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The role of the IT in our modern life must not be underestimated. Almost everything that we use every day is connected with information exchange or data processing. Different gadgets like smartphones, PCs, laptops, smart watches became an essential part of our life.

Nowadays, more and more people cannot imagine their routine without information technologies. Even aged people start to use modern devices.

The main reason why IT is so important for us is that they greatly simplify our life. Every day we send and receive messages, surf the Internet, etc. Modern person requires a huge amount of information every day. Due to the rapid increasing of this amount, information technologies will become even more essential for people.

The other point is that demand for information forces the progress in all technical fields of science. For example, one wants to know the weather forecast for tomorrow. He powers up his PC and checks the forecast. While doing it every day one realizes that it would be nice to be able to check it wherever he wants. So he buys a smartphone with the Internet connection. At some point even this way to perform it does not seem to be efficient for him. So he buys a smart watch and so on.

Information is the most valuable resource. That’s why the role of information technologies in our life will be even more significant in the near future. We cannot even imagine in which way IT will develop. Intelligent houses are getting more and more popular. Possibility of getting access to your data storage from any place and device became an ordinary thing. Scientists nowadays even research how to digitize a human brain and to be able to back it up. People can control the part which the IT takes in our life. Moreover, people have an opportunity to make their life closer to ideal using the IT. It is all about our imagination.