Темы презентаций по дисциплине «Английский язык» для ИМЭС

Возможные темы презентаций
1. The marketing strategy of a company (the 4P’s)

2. The promotional strategy of a company (promotional tools)

3. The greatest success of entering a foreign market

4. The greatest success on a domestic market

5. The greatest flop on a domestic market

6. The greatest flop on a foreign market

7. Keys to successful management (based on an example of a certain company)

8. Ways to win customers

9. Internet advertising and buzz marketing

10. Peculiarities of Public Relations

11. Ethics in Business

12. Entrepreneurial Skills

13. Headhunting: what does it take?

14. Tips to be successful at job interviews

15. What makes a great manager

16. Cultural stereotypes in business: Russia (any country)

17. Efficient ways to motivate staff

18. Effective methods of market research

19. Product life cycle

20. Your own idea