Тест по дисциплине «Английский язык» для МГТУ

Выполните тест.

1. What countries does the USA border on?

a) the UK and Brazil                                          b) Mexico and France

c) Canada and Mexico                                       d) Ireland and Germany

2. Which of these lakes is not situated in the USA?

a) Huron                                                             b) Michigan

c) Erie                                                                d) Loch-Nay

3. What is the tallest building in Washington D. C.?

a) the Capitol                                                      b) the Senate chamber

c) the Jefferson Memorial                                  d) the White House

4. What is the President’s residence?

a) the White House                                             b) the Arlington National Cemetery

c) the Congress                                                   d) the Capitol

5. What American monument looks like a big pencil?

a) the Lincoln Memorial                                     b) the Jefferson Memorial

c) the Washington Monument                            d) the House of Representatives

6. Who gave freedom to Negro slaves in America?

a) George Washington                                        b) Thomas Jefferson

c) Frank F. Kennedy                                           d) Abraham Lincoln

7. Which of these cities is not situated in the USA?

a) Detroit                                                             b) Philadelphia

c) Los Angeles                                                    d) Belfast

8. What are the main political parties in the USA?

a) the Labour and the Conservative     b) the Social-Democratic and the Republican

c) the Republican and the Democratic d) the Communistic and the Democratic

9. How is the American flag often called?

a) the Star Spangled Banner                                b) the Union Jack

c) the Stars and Stripes                                        d) the Independence Flag

10. What National Monument was a present from France to the USA?

a) the White House                                              b) the Statue of Liberty

c) the Senate                                                        d) the Congress

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