Тест по дисциплине «Английский язык в профессиональной деятельности» для АНО ПО ОСЭК

Choose the best ending.

1. According to the article, being more informed in your profession

a) is becoming more complex.
b) has never been easy.
c) means reading a lot of magazines.
d) is now done through the internet.

2. If you haven’t read certain business books.

a) you won’t be able to do your job properly.
b) you won’t understand what your colleagues are talking about.
c) you won’t know certain new terms.
d) you won’t use terms correctly to describe things.

3. Many bookshops

a) have books full of radical ideas.
b) will help you to become successful.
c) stock a lot of business books.
d) are successful businesses.

4. Books are available

a) about all kinds of business subjects.
b) about management.
c) which will improve your career prospects.
d) which will make you a successful person.

5. According to the article

a) many company directors have written their life stories.
b) it is necessary to have good ideas to write a book.
c) it is necessary to have had personal difficulties before you can be successful.
d) biographies of famous people are useless.

6. Some business books

a) are made into films.
b) are very commercially successful.
c) are works of fiction.
d) only helps publishing companies.

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