Задания для самоконтроля по дисциплине «Английский язык» для ФЭК, пример оформления

Задания для самоконтроля по Теме 1.5 ответы в конце

Задание 1. Вставьте глаголы start, take, eat, think, sleep, go, like, drink, write, live в нужной форме.

  1. The serial on ТV … every day at 8 p.m.
  2. 2. The children … milk with their meals.
  3. Cats usually … а lot.
  4. Julie … а letter to her mother once а week.
  5. 5. Тот and Julie … in а big city in the centre of the country.
  6. Tourists … to Egypt to see the pyramids.
  7. Jimmy always … the bus to go to school.
  8. We all know that children … sweets.
  9. Anne … it’s а good idea to do English exercises.
  10. If you want to bе healthy, you must … good food.

Задание 2. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Simple.

  1. My working day (to begin) at seven o’clock. I (to get) up, (to switch) on the radio and (to do) my morning exercises. It (to take) me fifteen minutes. At half past seven we (to have) breakfast. My father and I (to leave) home at eight o’clock. He (to take) a bus to his factory. My mother (to be) a doctor, she (to leave) home at nine o’clock. In the evening we (to gather) in the living room. We (to watch) TV and (to talk).
    2.My sister (to get) up at eight o’clock.
    3. She (to be) a schoolgirl. She (to go) to school in the afternoon.
     Jane (to be) fond of sports. She (to do) her morning exercises every day.
    5. For breakfast she (to have) two eggs, a sandwich and a cup of tea.
     After breakfast she (to go) to school.
    7. It (to take) her two hours to do her homework.
    8. She (to speak) French well.

Задание 3. Раскройте скобки, поставьте глагол в Past Simple.

  1. Yesterday evening I (not go) to the cinema with а friend.
  2. Не (go) to school last year?
  3. Last night the concert (finish) at midnight.
  4. The secretary (arrive) at the office this morning before her chief.
  5. Тоm (not give) а bicycle to his friend.
  6. The train was at 8 p.m. so I(leave) home at 7 p.m.
  7. Last Sunday was my mother’s birthday, so I (make) а cake.
  8. I(start) to learn English five years ago.
  9. It (begin) to rain in the afternoon.
  10. Julie (do) а lot of English exercises last week.

Задание 4. Раскройте скобки, поставьте глагол в Past Simple.

  1. We (buy) а new car on Tuesday.
  2. Mandy not (do) her homework yesterday.
  3. When you (meet) Jane?
  4. Why they (go) to London?
  5. Inot (bе) last month.
  6. Where your parents (live) when they (bе) young?
  7. Jim (bе) in London last year.
  8. When Fred (give) you this ring?
  9. We not (visit) them when they (be) ill.
  10. I(read) Hamlet last year.

Задание 5. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Future Simple.

  1. I want to get a medical check up. I (to go) to my doctor tomorrow.
    2. He (to give) me a complete examination.
    3.The nurse (to lead) me into one of the examination rooms.
    4. I (to take) off my clothes and (to put) on a hospital gown.
    5. Dr Setton (to come) in, (to shake) my hand, and (to say) hello.
    6. I (to stand) on his scale so he can measure my height and my weight.
    7. He (to take) my pulse.
    8. Then he (to take) my blood pressure.
     After he takes my blood pressure, he (to take) some blood for a blood analysis.
    10. He (to examine) my eyes, ears, nose, and throat.

Задание 6. Раскройте  скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Simple, Past Simple и Future Simple.

  1. I (to go) to bed at ten o’clock every day. 2.I (to go) to bed at ten o’clock yesterday. 3. I (to go) to bed at ten o’clock tomorrow. 4. I (not to go) to the cinema every day. 5. I (not to go) to the cinema yesterday. 6. I (not to go) to the cinema tomorrow. 7. You (to watch) TV every day? 8. You (to watch) TV yesterday? 9. You (to watch) TV tomorrow? 10. When you (to leave) home for school every day? 11. When you (to leave) home for school yesterday? 12. When you (to leave) home for school tomorrow? 13. My brother (to go) to work every day. He (to leave) home at a quarter past eight. As the office he (to work) at (to be) near our house, he (to walk) there. He (not to take) a bus. Yesterday he (not to go) to work. Yesterday he (to get) up at nine o’clock. 14. You (to have) a PT lesson yesterday? – No, I … . 15. What you (to buy) at the shop yesterday? – I (to buy) a book. 16. Yesterday my father (not to read) newspapers because he (to be) very busy. He (to read) newspapers tomorrow. 17. What mark she (to get) in her exam last week?

Задание 7. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Simple, Past Simple и Future Simple.

  1. He (to turn) on the TV to watch cartoons every morning.2. He (to turn) on the TV to watch cartoons yesterday morning. 3. He (to turn) on the TV to watch cartoons tomorrow morning. 4. I always (to go) to the Altai Mountains to visit my relatives there. 5. I (to be) very busy last summer and I (not to go) there. 6. I (not to go) there next year because it (to cost) a lot of money and I can’t afford it. 7. They (to enjoy) themselves at the symphony yesterday evening? 8. Who (to take) care of the child in the future? 9. How often you (to go) to the dentist’s? 10. We (not to have) very good weather, but we still (to have) a good time during our short stay in London. 11. She (to do) all the washing in their house. 12. He even (not to know) how to use the washing machine. 13. Two years ago they (to be) rich and money (to be) never a problem. 14. You (to think) you (to be) happy in your new neighbourhood? 15. When the chicken soup (to be) ready? 16. The customs officers at JFK airport in New York (to arrest) that young man when he (to arrive). 17. I (to like) to get on with my friends, so I often (to do) what they (to want). 18. When your birthday (to be)? 19. When you (to get) your watch? 20. Who (to create) Mickey Mouse?

ответы Задания для самоконтроля по Теме 1.5 Задание 1. 1. starts 2. drink 3. sleep 4. writes 5. live. 6. go 7. take 8. like 9. think 10. eat. Задание 2. 1. begins, get up, switch on, do, takes, have, leave, takes, leaves, gather, watch, talk2. gets 3. is, goes 4. Is, does 5. has 6. goes 7. takes 8. speaks. Задание 3. 1. did not go 2. Did…go 3. finished 4. arrived 5. did not give 6. left 7. made 8. started 9. began. 10. did Задание 4. 1. bought 2. did not do. 3. did…meet 4. did…go 5. was not. 6. did …live, were 7. was 8. did…give 9. did not visit, were. 10. read. Задание 5. 1. will go 2. will give 3. will lead 4. will take 5. will come in, shake, say 6. will stand 7. will take 8. will take 9. will take 10. will examine Задание 6.Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Simple, Past Simple и Future Simple. 1. go 2. went 3. will go 4. do not go 5. did not go 6. will not go 7. do…watch 8. did… watch 9. will …watch 10. do …leave 11. did…leave 12. will… leave 13. goes, leaves, works, is, walks, does not to take, did not go, got 14. did…have, did not 15. did…buy, bought 16. did not read, was, will read 17. did…get
Задание 7. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Simple, Past Simple и Future Simple. 1. turns 2. turned. 3. will turn 4. Go 5. Was, did not to go 6. will go, costs 7. did… enjoy 8. will take) 9. do go 10. did not have, had 11. does 12. does not know 13. were, was 14. Do… think, will be 15. will…be 16. will arrest, arrive 17. like, do, want 18. is 19. did…get 20. created

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