РЭУ:The role of the information technolologies in our modern life

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Winston Churchill’s dictum stating: «Who owns the information, he owns the world» does not lose its relevance from year to year. Moreover, the information becomes more extensive and more valuable resource. Therefore, the role of information technology in today’s society and their importance is increasing day by day.

In ancient times, collection and systematization of information about the world help a person survive and fight. The experience and knowledge passed down from generation to generation, the information is updated and improved. At first it was about how to create weapons for hunting or working the land, information about the natural cycles and the secrets of healing. With the development of human society, information is complicated, its volume increases, and the storage and processing techniques become simpler.

In today’s society it is difficult to imagine the life and functioning of the society without information technology. Now, in the twenty-first century, namely information technology are decisive in the life of a single person, and society as a whole. The large number of skills and knowledge a person has, the more it is appreciated in all areas (as an employee, as a companion, as a person). In addition to the human and material resources, information (resource intangible) — has become one of the most important resources of modern society and its functioning control. So you can safely conclude that play the key role of information technology in today’s society.

Speaking about the advantages of information technology, it is impossible not to mention the disadvantages. This amount of information that is now available to anyone, you can get lost and drown. Psychologists are increasingly sounding the alarm and talk about information overload, when the human brain can not process all the amount of information that is in front of him. In this regard, the modern man must learn to isolate and filter information relevant and necessary to the general flow.​