РЭУ: computerized sistems

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In life information technologies of the most ordinary person play a huge role which already nobody will dare to dispute. Information technologies stimulate development of the most various fields of activity of the person, since the highly specialized fields of the heavy industry up to social networks.

Even the simplest operations at the modern enterprise can be performed by means of computerized systems. Use of the last development in the field of technologies and technical means isn’t always able to solve a row of the arisen problems, but to simplify them substantially to information technologies under force.More accurately this process is tracked on difficult sections of analytical activities during report generation and helps of different character. The special contribution of IT was made in education, where all educational institutions were completely equipped with computers, that finally allows to facilitate training activity and educations substantially.Thanks to information technologies the modern person has the almost instantaneous access to any necessary information.

In the present global world more than ever efficiency and information transmission fidelity is appreciated before. The saying «who possesses information, that owns the world» very precisely describes the situation of things – wellbeing and stability not only large corporations, but also the whole countries in many respects depends on timely obtained information.It’s impossible to provide that such information volumes what are every second transferred from one doomsday to another today can be transferred by means of traditional, «analog» communication links.

Today the role of the punctual and executive mail carrier was undertaken by information technologies. We want that or not, but fruits of information technologies, we use daily and hourly – when we pay purchases with «credit card» when we acquire the train ticket or just we answer the phone call.

Information technologies penetrated into all spheres of life of the modern person, beginning from geopolitics and macroeconomic, and finishing with the mobile phone lying in a pocket, and today it’s already simply impossible to do without these technologies.

The most interesting that the modern person can’t live without use of these technologies in the life any more, we became so dependent on them that sometimes is simply terrible to be provided, as if we did, for example, without the Internet, phone or the TV set.These things have become an integral part in the life of any person. And nobody can say, it’s good or bad, everyone has an opinion on this issue.But looking at all this we shall understand that the modern technologies need to be used only with a favor and a definite purpose for themselves, only then we will be able safely to tell that new technologies it’s always good for the modern person. It’s possible to draw a conclusion that the Internet, phone, television very strongly entered our life.​