Практическое задание по дисциплине «Деловой иностранный язык» для РосНОУ

Look at the list of tips for writing good covering letters below. Choose the
right words from the box to complete them.

1 A good covering letter should not ___________________ the information given on your CV but should_____________it.
2 If the job advertisement contains a contact name, it is polite
to__________________ your letter to that person: Dear Mr Rodriguez,
Dear Ms Leone, etc.
3 Start your letter by stating clearly which job you are applying for,
and________________ and _____________you saw the advertisement for it.
4 The main body of the letter should contain a summary of your
relevant________________ and/or any abilities or_______________ which you think it would be useful to mention: remember you are trying to impress!
5 Finish your letter by saying what you feel you could bring to the company.
Make sure you indicate your willingness to attend an .

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